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Xellos x Lina Fans!!!
 xellos_lina - (kinky_carter)
12:44pm 10/07/2014
Faberry, Valkubus, SQ....and then they done sex! posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
For the fans!!!

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Fanart! This com seriously needs more love
 xellos_lina - (misaoshinomori)
08:22pm 09/05/2009
Adriana aka Audrey posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
The fanart bellow was done for the awesometastic Apple_Cake from Deviantart. I hope you like it too!

Lina and Xellos for Apple Cake
by =Darkbutterfly137 on deviantART
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(no subject)
 xellos_lina - (blumchen)
11:57am 04/08/2008
Felix posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing

Visit this fanart site. Love it.
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(no subject)
 xellos_lina - (kinky_carter)
02:08am 23/07/2008
For the fans.

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New look
 xellos_lina - (anaha)
01:43am 20/12/2006
Angel posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
As you can see, I once again have given it a new look.  I updated my journal's look the other day and I decided to change this one as well.  ^_^
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[Slayers] Fic "Five Days of Dreaming", Hard R, Xellos/Lina
 xellos_lina - (fuzipenguin)
09:57pm 10/05/2006
FuziPenguin posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
Fandom: Slayers
Title: Five Days of Dreaming
Pairing: Xellos/Lina
Rating: hard R
Summary: Written for chiad_frostfur's request at het_challenge: As a theme, or as a line used in the fic: "As soon as you're born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time"
Warnings: Character death. Grief. Rough sex. Magic. An exercise in present tense writing.
A/N: If you think you've read part of this before, there's a good chance that you have; the very first bit was written for another challenge at 15hugs.

x-posted to slayers_etc and het_challenge. Direct link to my LJ:

Five Days of Dreaming
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Fic recs anyone?
 xellos_lina - (withered_spring)
11:09am 20/04/2006
In the past couple of weeks, I found myself diverting from my usual fic reading (Kag/Sess... Wah! All my pairings are crack! ;.;) back to see if there was anything new on the Lina/Xel front. 

And my goodness, but there were a few good ones! Forgive me, as I haven't got links for them, but irksnapple had a really good one posted to ff.net called 'Knight Takes Queen'. There was also another one... Oh hell, I forget the name... April, you know it... I know you do... Well, I ended up posting a rec on the Yahoo board for it.

Anyone got any other recs? Maybe with links... because I'm a lazyarse like whoa ^^;
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Another change in looks.
 xellos_lina - (anaha)
09:50am 16/03/2006
Angel posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
I got kinda tired of the old one, plus there hasn't been a lot happening here. I decided to go with a lighter colored layout this time. Plus I went with 3 Columns instead of Flexible Squares.
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(no subject)
 xellos_lina - (anaha)
06:36pm 04/03/2006
Angel posting in Xelloss Lina Pairing
Well, April and I have been working hard on making a forum for Xellina fans. We even have a logo image and some forum games. ^_^

The link is HERE.
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 xellos_lina - (withered_spring)
04:07pm 10/02/2006

Not so newbie XDCollapse )

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